Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck Pain

If you have ever experienced neck pain you know how inconvenient it can be. You may be wondering what causes it, especially if you get pains in your neck frequently. Here are some common causes:


One of the most common causes when it comes to neck pain is whiplash, often sustained after a car accident. Yet it can also occur on an amusement part ride or through physical abuse. The force of the back and forth movement your neck experiences is what causes the pain. The soft tissue in your neck extends further than it should when this happens. The muscles then become strained and even tear.

Tension Headaches

Another common cause of this type of pain is a tension headache. Most headaches are from tension and they affect the neck by causing the muscles in it to contract. The pain can be anywhere from mild to severe.

Strains and Sprains

Just like the ankle and other body parts, the neck can become strained or even sprained. Rigorous physical activity is generally what causes it. Excess force applied to your neck muscles can cause you to experience pain.

Torticollus/Wry Neck

Tortucollus may be a condition you have never heard of. It is also referred to as wry neck. This is what happens when your neck is titled or twisted. Most often, this is a result of an injury to your nervous system or your muscles. The condition has the ability to become extremely painful if it goes untreated and there is always a chance that you vould have a relapse.

Slipped Disc

Slipped discs can also cause neck pain in Phoenix AZ. This happens when your nerves are strained as the result of a disc that is out of alignment with the rest of your body. It is something that you can and should seek treatment for.


Viral Meningitis can also cause you to experience pain in your neck. The pain takes the form of stiffness that you may notice when you wake up in the morning or when you engage in any physical activity. Meningitis is something that must be treated immediately.

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervica Spondylosis is more commonly referred to as arthritis in the neck. This condition is mainly seen in older adults, though it can occur in younger adults as well. The discs and joints in your neck are negatively affected when your cervical spine’s bones and cartilage are worn. It may cause sever pain but can also go years, if not a lifetime, without being detected. If you are suffering from this condition you may still be able to perform your daily activities.


Most people who suffer from migraines report that they experience neck pain at the same time. This type of headache can cause your entire body to be in pain. Relieving a migraine is something that can generally be done with over the counter medication, though severe migraines are often treated in a doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic.

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