Side Effects of Somatropin, Jintropin and Genotropin


If you feel that your child’s height is not growing with the age, then it is time to consult a doctor. Your child may be suffering from Somatropin hormone deficiency. Somatropin is a hormone that contributes to the growth of human body. It is an artificial hormone that is created in the lab. A few important details about this hormone are discussed in this article. Once you know these details, you will be able to understand why this hormone supplement should be given to kids, its side effects and precautions.

How to take Somatropin hormone supplements?

This is also known as Jintropin and Genotropin. It promotes the growth of human body. However, you must remember that it is a drug and thus before giving it to kids, a proper consultation with a good doctor is required. This supplement should always be taken under the guidance of a doctor. This is because, like many other drugs, this one also may react on your kid’s body.

Not every medicine is suitable for everyone. Therefore, consult a doctor for a thorough check-up of your kid’s body. He may suggest several tests in order to find out if your kid is suffering from this deficiency. If the level of somatropin is low in your kid’s body, then the doctor may initially suggest a few changes in the diet. If that doesn’t help, then he may suggest Somatropin supplements to your kid.

What are side effects of Somatropin?

Side effects of medicines are not always life-threatening. You should not hesitate to take this supplement just because the word side effect is associated with it. Somatropin is safe to use and the only precaution that you need to take in this matter is to consult your doctor before taking it. Like with any other medicine, you should be taking the right dosage of this medicine too. When you take the supplement under the guidance of your doctor, you need not worry about any side effects at all.

Who else can take Somatropin supplements?

This supplement is not meant just for kids, who have deficiency of growth hormone. Even adults who lack growth hormones in their body can take it. Again it goes back to the same advice and that is consulting a doctor before you take this supplement. You may want to order it online after your doctor has given you green signal to have this supplement.

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